So what does the Sony Entertainment Network, and Jennifer Lawrence have in common?  Their brands were both tarnished by an online brute force password attack.

A brute force attack is when username and password combinations are literally guessed with brute force – software tries every possible password combination until it finds one that works.  The shorter your passwords are, the more successful this method will be.  For Sony, over ninety-thousand of its clients were compromised with brute force in order to steal credit card information and other private data.  For Jennifer Lawrence, brute force was used to leak her private image collection to over ninety-thousand via her Apple iCloud account.

Companies have stepped up their security, with Microsoft and Google now employing “two-step verification”.  This means that even if your password is compromised (step one), an e-mail or text message containing a confirmation code (step two) still has to be entered in order to continue.  So why not employ some additional security of your own?

KeePass to the rescue!


Available for whatever flavour of computer, tablet, or phone you enjoy.  KeePass can help you create and store long complex passwords that are very difficult to brute force.  Each password database is encrypted by KeePass with a password of your choosing, making it safe to store in your online cloud storage account in order to access it from any of your devices.  Of course, now all of your passwords are stored in one place but it is much better than having a single password for everything OR relying on the built in password managers in most web browsers which usually store all passwords in plain text.

Food for thought.

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