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The world offers many distractions, but these are the ones most interesting to me.


It all started with a salvaged IBM AT 5170 – circa 1995. Before computer hardware was plug-and-play, a set of DIP switches could humble a kid. Later on, I fondly remember reverse engineering the source code to an HTML file generated by Microsoft FrontPage so I could understand it and later improve on it by creating the same output with fewer lines and therefore less memory – an attitude that has always followed me into all of my projects.

In high school, I focused on PHP and MySQL, where I wrote a content management system that was the framework for many of my websites. With my CMS publicly available, I even fielded two support requests for it! In the process of it all, I became extremely comfortable with the Apache and CPanel.

After a brief hiatus from the tech world, I landed a job with a managed service provider heavily invested in the Microsoft universe. In addition to daily helpdesk duties, this company is where I became competent with enterprise applications like Active Directory, Exchange, in addition to the Microsoft virtualization platform, Hyper-V. Later, I helped plan and execute many hardware refreshes that involved virtualization and hybrid-cloud solutions with Office 365.

On the network side, I picked up a good grasp of the Cisco and Ubiquiti worlds working with our senior network engineer. These days, I always keep a console cable within arms reach. It is always a delight to see your configurations work the first time, with everything in the correct VLAN.

The transition from hobbyist to analyst has been quite the journey. Every new idea I court now includes an estimate on the ROI and amortization of costs.

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My first adventure in an airplane was at the age of three in a Piper Colt (C-FPKU). My father had the plane on loan to finish his pilot's license. As a third-generation pilot, there was no shortage of support to complete my Private Pilots License and attend the Commercial Pilot Diploma Program at SIAST.

During my time at SIAST and a small stint in a northern community managing one of our local airline's daily operations, I discovered I was far more interested in the business and regulation side of the business.

Deciding to keep flying a hobby, I transitioned to UAV’s and applied the knowledge I acquired in school to provide the context of the constantly changing Transport Canada regulations and teach the necessary fundamentals of meteorology and airspace usage to other aspiring UAV pilots.

When not on the controls of my drone, I maintain my pilot's license on a Cessna 182, travelling Canada to visit relatives and see new sights.

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It is official! The love of my life, Kimberly, said yes! The wedding may yet be the biggest project I have ever managed. Wish me luck!

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